If there is one trend we can get behind, it’s the wellness trend that’s sweeping the nation. Young adults aren’t afraid to turn down a party to stay in and relax, friends are encouraging one another to get active, and people of all ages are adopting veggie-packed meatless Mondays. We’re here to lend some advice and easy tips on how to manage holiday stress.

The self-care movement has risen from the ashes as hectic schedules and unreasonable standards have brought about stress, depression, and anxiety. By taking care of our bodies and our minds, we can promote inner tranquility and physical health.

CBD’s rise in popularity is intricately tied to this self-care trend. You can see the myriad of ways that people use CBD oil for everyday wellness on Instagram, with CBD-themed dinner parties and CBD-infused face masks. By combining CBD and self-care, achieving balance inside and out can be a fun adventure that you undertake by yourself and with your loved ones.

To help you thrive this season and manage holiday stress, we’ve put together six self-care tips that you can pair with your favorite CBD products.

Tip #1. Massage the Holiday Stress Away

There’s something about touch that melts away physical tension and mental frustration faster than anything else (except maybe a nice glass of pinot noir). When you’re in between professional massage sessions, revel in a nice at-home massage. You can trade with your partner or friend, or even give yourself a self-massage in easy-to-reach areas, like your feet or shoulders.

To get the most from your massage, use a CBD Massage Lotion  or make your your own CBD infused massage oil with delicate essential oils. As you inhale the pleasant aroma and relax your well-deserving muscles, your mind is likely to calm too.

Tip #2. Soak in Luscious Waters

Manage stress with a soothing soak

Clear your mind and relax your body as you slip into water that’s just the right temperature, with candlelight flickering around the edges of your tub. Bath time is an unparalleled opportunity for a brief escape from the comfort of your own home.

Infuse your bath water with a homemade oil blend, customized with your favorite essential oil, luxurious olive oil, and CBD tincture. Not only will your mind and body enjoy this lavish escape, but your skin will feel smooth and supple once you’ve finished.

Tip #3. Host a Festive CBD-Infused Dinner Party

Practicing self-care doesn’t need to be a solo venture. And what are the holidays without gathering with those you love most? This holiday season, get your guests excited with a wellness theme. Source local beverages, organic produce, and wild-caught seafood with creative CBD-infusions.

Tip #4. Greet Each Morning with Sun Salutations

Yoga is incredibly beneficial for our bodies, minds, and spirits. A daily yoga practice is a terrific goal, but getting to a studio during the busy holiday season can be a challenge. Set a goal to start every day with sun salutations. Pair this morning routine with a CBD capsule to start your day off on the right foot.

Tip #5. Create a Peaceful Bedtime Routine

Getting enough sleep plays a central role in how we feel, emotionally and physically. Yet, with screen time and daily stress, it can be hard to wind down and fall asleep when we need to. As part of something we do every day, unwinding from the days events and being ready for the next day can help manage holiday stress. To set yourself up for a great morning, create a bedtime routine that will allow your mind to transition peacefully into slumber. We recommend:

  • Turning off all screens one hour before bed
  • Practicing meditation or deep breathing when you enter bed
  • Listening to a sleep podcast or relaxing music to help distract your mind
  • Taking CBD one hour before you hope to be asleep

Tip #6. Shed Light on Holiday Stress and Soak in Some Sun

Soak in morning sunshine

Spending time outdoors yields emotional, spiritual, and physical benefits. But with chilly temperatures, it can be all-too-easy to spend your whole winter holed up indoors. A lack of sunlight, fresh air, and physical activity can easily dampen the spirit.

Set a goal of getting outdoors at least once every week this winter—even if it’s as simple as taking your pup on a neighborhood adventure. To protect your skin from the drying effects of cold weather, pamper it with a moisturizing CBD lotion after your outdoor rendezvous.