Stress. It’s only a six-letter word, but it often holds a lot of weight and power in our lives.

Stress manifests itself in a multitude of ways. Sometimes, it’s a slow burn  starting as a small flame and growing into an all-encompassing blaze. Sometimes, it strikes hard and suddenly, catching us off guard and unprepared. 

But, no matter how it comes on or what triggers it, having a toolkit of actionable steps to take is all-important when stress hits. Here are six different ways to immediately ease a troubled and overwhelmed mind. 

1. Step Away

Sometimes, the best thing to do when stress strikes is to simply take a step back from the situation that’s causing you to feel the negative feelings at hand. Briefly removing yourself from the stressor is a great way to regain control and clarity. 

Then, try a breathwork exercise. Learning how to control your breathing intentionally is a great way to soothe stress and induce a higher consciousness.  This is our favorite app for breathwork it’ll lead you through simple exercises that are both stress-busting and enriching. 

2.  Take a walk

: a woman walks barefoot on a beach

Maybe fresh air and some movement won’t cure all your stressed-out woes, but it’s a good step in the right direction (get it… step?). 

While you’re on your walk, use the time to recognize and consider your feelings. Ask yourself why you’re feeling the way you are, and continue to explore the issue to get to the root of the problem. Continue to ask yourself questions without reservation or judgment until you gain some clarity. Sometimes, naming and exploring the issue is a great way to immediately relieve some stress. 

3. Meditate

Another great stress-busting technique is meditation. Meditation may seem overwhelming at first, but it can be an incredibly useful way to bring a few moments of peace into your day with a little guidance and practice.

Here’s a great “how-to” explanation to help you get the most of your meditations. 

4. Try a CBD Product

If you find that you may need a little extra boost to guide you through your most stressful moments, consider investing in your wellness with high-quality CBD products. CBD has been found to help put the mind at ease and soothe racing thoughts, so you can tackle the problem without feeling overwhelmed. 

When choosing a CBD product to incorporate into your stress-busting toolkit, look for a fast-acting formula that is both highly potent and ultra-effective. Altura Wellness’s formulas are specifically created to do just that. 

Altura uses a different extraction method than most CBD brands. The rich, full-spectrum, organic CBD oil is derived from a clean process in which the hemp material is exposed to flashes of heat to selectively vaporize the active compounds of the hemp plant. This avoids having leftover chlorophyll, waxes, and other unwanted compounds in the finished product. Long story short… This is a way cleaner and healthier method of extraction in fact, it’s revolutionary. 

So, when stress strikes, Altura Wellness’ Ultra-Rapid Onset Ionized CBD is our first choice. This THC-Free Ionized CBD tincture is designed to be quickly utilized by our bodies. The oil-based CBD molecules are ionized to stay suspended in a water-soluble form that makes uptake almost immediate which means they get to work quickly, with no efficacy sacrificed. It’s truly like instant relaxation.

5. Plan the day ahead of time

If you find that your stress is often preemptive and related to future events or occurrences, give yourself and your space a little TLC in advance. 

Tidy up your desk or workspace, and set it up in a way that’ll make it easier for you to tackle the task when it comes time to do so. Then, make a checklist or a detailed plan to accomplish the task. 

Future you will thank you.

6. Unplug + stay away from social media

A man laying in bed holds a tablet, seemingly stressed

Social media has a funny way of amplifying stress and keeping it rolling and accumulating. Using social media to cope with negative feelings is a surefire way to grow a “snowball” of stress into an avalanche. 

Simply logging off for a few hours when the feelings of stress and overwhelm begin to set in is a great way to ensure you’re not inadvertently making the problem worse. Pro tip: stay away from your phone altogether for a few hours, if you can, and use the time to reconnect with yourself and recenter. 


Stress management is a major component of our overall wellness, so we hope these tips will help you build an arsenal of tactics to use when things seem to be just a little too much.