My Experience Using CBD for Self-Care

Self-care has always been an important part of my life. As a yoga teacher & healing-oriented life coach, I feel that it is essential to maintain a healthy mind-body-spirit balance so that I can effectively provide empathy and compassion for my clients. Even when I’m extremely busy, I try to find small and simple ways to prioritize my physical, mental, and emotional health. Would using CBD for self-care help to maintain that balance?

I’m a busy person who appreciates anything that simplifies health and wellness so that I can make the most of my time while still reaping the benefits of self-care. So when I began hearing about CBD, I decided that it’d be worth trying and observing its effects on me to see if it really works.

A few months ago, Altura Wellness reached out to me and offered to send me some of their full spectrum CBD products to try. I let them know that I’d be willing to try the products and document my results, and so, the CBD for self-care journey and experiment commenced.

Initially, I was skeptical, as I didn’t know much about CBD. I had heard claims that it helped with reducing stress, anxiety, and inflammation, but I was unsure, especially knowing that the CBD industry is fairly unregulated. Having never tried CBD, I definitely had a number of initial concerns. Would it get me high or make me feel weird? Would it cause me unfavorable stomach symptoms or alter my physical well-being? And most importantly, how would I know if the product was legit?

Why I was Convinced

What really convinced me to try Altura’s CBD products is that they are 3rd party tested. After spending enough time reading about CBD on the internet, I realized that there are so many companies selling CBD products without any real verification of their products quality or if there was actually CBD in the product! If I was going to try a plant-based product, I wanted to make sure that there were no suspicious additives included.

My CBD for Self-Care Journey

Prior to writing this, for two months straight I’ve taken CBD Softgels every morning, and I’ll usually use the Full Spectrum CBD oil whenever I’m experiencing pain or anxiety. While there’s no way of proving the direct benefits from taking CBD, I can confidently share that it works well with me and my self-care routine. Ultimately, its effects have been relatively subtle, but have felt rather effective.

authentically.bela CBD Softgels

About My CBD Experience

My first week taking CBD I was slightly skeptical. It didn’t do any harm, but I didn’t really feel a difference in my day-to-day life. However, that same week, my boyfriend seriously injured his ankle skateboarding to the point he was completely unable to walk. He injures himself relatively often and is generally desperate to mend as quickly as possible. After having seen my box of CBD goodies from Altura, he began religiously applying the CBD Soothing Salve and taking the CBD Softgels. In a short period of using them he swore that they were helping. In 4 days he was almost back to normal, and attributed his speedy recovery to CBD. So, I decided to stick with my experiment.

My Results of CBD for Self-Care

After two months of taking Altura’s CBD products consistently, I’ve noticed that I feel the most difference when I take it during my “time of the month” and also after long workouts. I’m not one to make bold claims, but as someone who has experienced painful cramping for most of my life, I’m ecstatic to have found something, natural nonetheless, that seems to help.
In the short time I’ve been using CBD for self-care, I’ve liked it so much that I began taking a little extra as needed when I was feeling anxious or overwhelmed. And each time, I felt as though it helped managed to calm me down. I can confidently say that I’ll keep taking CBD for self-care because it works for me.