CBD Oil For Sleep? Read This First

People are turning to CBD oil for different types of relief such as reducing pain and anxiety, but what about CBD oil for sleep? Below is the most up-to-date research on CBD oil for sleep, including how it works, and what you should look out for. Since a good night’s sleep is an important pillar of overall health, safe and natural sleep aids like CBD are offering promising results to those in need.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Its Effects

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is one of the main compounds of the cannabis plant. Because CBD alone does not have THC, the psychoactive component that gives you a “high sensation,” it doesn’t alter your behavior in any way.

Instead, CBD produces therapeutic effects in the body so that you can reap the full benefits of the compound without having to worry about feeling intoxicated.

By interacting with a series of receptors located in our brain and immune system, CBD is able to bring many effects to the body including: antipsychotic, antidepressant, anti-epileptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Some CBD users are even saying that it can help them sleep better.

CBD for Sleep and Anxiety 

What does research have to say about CBD for sleep and anxiety? According to a study done this year, researchers wanted to determine whether CBD improves sleep and anxiety in a clinical population. The study involved looking at the sleep and anxiety scores of 103 adult patients after CBD treatment.

As a result of the CBD treatment, anxiety scores decreased and remained decreased for the duration of the study, whereas sleep scores improved, but fluctuated over time. The results of this study demonstrate that there appears to be a more “sustained response” to anxiety than for sleep over time. 

Throughout the study, the CBD treatment was tolerated well by all patients aside from just a few. From this study, we can conclude that CBD may provide mild improvement to sleep, however, it may not retain the power to sustain that improved sleep over a period of time in comparison to anxiety. 

One Factor That Can Affect CBD’s Impact on Sleep 

A published academic journal article from 2018 cites several studies that support CBD playing an effective role in sleep regulation. Multiple studies that were mentioned displayed the results of CBD inducing sedative effects, increasing total sleep time and less frequent awakenings in subjects with insomnia, as well as a reduction in dream recall. 

There was one instance in the article that mentioned a factor that did increase wakefulness. That factor was, THC. THC, which is short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is another main component in the cannabis plant that induces that “high” sensation in the body when taken. When compared with the results of sleep regulation when CBD is taken alone, there appears to be a clear difference in sleep quality when CBD is taken with THC. 

While CBD appears to have a mild effect on sleep, it is probably best that it be taken without THC or CBD products that do not contain enough THC to alter your behavior.

What is the Best Form of CBD to Take?

As a result of CBD’s reported therapeutic properties on the mind and body, many companies have responded with a plethora of products–– some safe, some less so. 

CBD can be found and taken in many different forms such as oils, softgels, edibles, etc. Thanks to these products, people have access to something that makes an easy addition to their wellness regime.

With the many forms of CBD that exist today, you may be asking yourself, what is the best form of CBD to take? This is something that can heavily depend on your own personal preference. If you are someone who prefers to know how much CBD you are taking and prefer to have more versatility of the product, perhaps CBD oil may work best for you. 

If you prefer a quick and easy way to take CBD in a way that you can always have them on-the-go, perhaps softgels would work better for you. No matter what form of CBD that you take, make sure that the product contains no THC at all or less than 0.3% so that you can reap the benefits of the CBD only. 

CBD for Sleep: Key Takeaways

As the literature suggests, CBD may play a mild role in improving sleep regulation and quality. To many this may bring great news, as CBD products may be a more affordable and natural option to help improve sleep compared to other products that are currently in the market. 

At the same time, the studies that exist on CBD for sleep are very scarce, which suggests that it may not be best to rely solely on CBD only to aid your sleep. Until further studies have been conducted on CBD for sleep, consider using high-quality, third party tested CBD products while paying close attention to how they impact your sleeping patterns.

Looking for Safe, High-Quality CBD Oil for Sleep? 

As mentioned above, not all CBD products are made the same, so it is important to look for CBD oil that is:

  • Organically and sustainably grown
  • Uses clean extraction, like vapor-distillation
  • Contains full-spectrum hemp, not just CBD isolate
  • Is tested by a third-party

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