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Our furry friends deserve relief, too! Incorporate our non-intoxicating Pet CBD 250 into their everyday routine to help them with everything from achy joints to separation anxiety.

Our Pet CBD is manufactured with the same stringent standards as all Altura products so you can feel confident that you’re getting premium CBD while maintaining your pet’s optimal wellness.

• Full-Spectrum CBD oil in MCT coconut oil
• Organically-grown hemp from Colorado family farms
• Vapor-distilled CBD oil derived from flash extracted technology
• Flash-activated with minimal processing
• Easily add into your pet’s wellness routine
• Manufactured in GMP facilities
• Third Party Tested. Always.


It can be hard for us to know when our pets are experiencing pain or distress. Whether you apply it topically or give it to them orally, we make it easy to add CBD to your pet’s wellness routine to give them a paw-up on wellness.

Add a few drops to their food bowl, on their treats, or massage it into the skin of any problem areas they may have.

3 reviews for PET CBD 250

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have a senior dog with hip issues. I’ve noticed a difference in the way she moves when we have her on this CBD regimen, overall she’s able to play like she used to. I take their other oils for myself and their effectiveness is definitely superior to cbds I’ve used in the past — I can only image how much relief she feels. Thank you!

  2. 5 out of 5


    My pup has major separation anxiety, and this pet CBD has helped so much! I love Altura. I take the 300 tincture myself, and knowing that they only use high-quality ingredients and are organically grown makes me feel comfortable not only taking it myself, but giving it to my pup as well. Thank you for making awesome products!!

  3. 5 out of 5


    This cbd really helps my dog with thunder and lightning anxiety. There was a close lightening hit the other day that,in the past, I would have had to *peel her off the ceiling*. (Nothing like Florida storms!) Altura immediately seemed to work better than others I’ve tried. Thank you! Lilly thanks you!

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Every Altura Wellness product is tested multiple times throughout the manufacturing process for a variety of key items. Once the finished good is produced with our GMP facility partner we complete final batch testing with third party labs to include the batch number so you know exactly what you’re getting. The Test results for each batch can be downloaded below. Please refer to the batch number on the product to accurately find the right results.

As with any burgeoning industry standards are still being set for hemp and CBD products. While we do everything to accurately measure certain components of the products like Cannabinoid Potency and Terpene Levels, there is still a variation. Altura Wellness relies on the best third party labs across the country but also cross reference each lab occasionally to help us control our quality. Because standards and practices can vary from lab to lab there may be a small variance in results from different labs. We are as transparent as possible in this case and are continually seeking to raise the bar. If you ever find a discrepancy or have a question please don’t hesitate to be in touch with us.

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