How Daily Use of CBD Oil Can Help Sustain Your New Year’s Goals

Every New Year’s, many of us commit to goals that inspire us to live a better more full life. Most times these goals are centered around health and wellness habits that are a shift from our current daily routines. These lifestyle changes can take a significant toll on us as we forge new habits but can the daily use of CBD help keep us on the right track?

Habitual activities like working out and eating right can boost confidence and appearance. They can also play a central role in the ability to achieve our new found resolutions. In addition to helping with general wellness, when you’re healthy and energetic, it feels like there’s nothing you can’t do.

From fulfilling a lifelong aspiration of building a business to taking a more active role in your family. Everything can be much easier to accomplish with a healthy body and a sharp mind.

New Year, New You

In the first three parts of our New Year, New You series, we shared simple guides to eating healthy, realizing fitness goals, and relieving stress and anxiety. We weaved in ways that CBD can help you find success, from relaxing with CBD massage lotion to amping up your supplement game with daily CBD oil.

During this time of the year, chances are you already have ambitions you’re working towards. But the tough part is staying strong and not allowing your successes to fade over time.

For this reason, we sifted through tips, tricks, and research on how to find long-term success with your goals. In this, the final article in our series, we are going to present strategies that you can use to encourage prolonged success. After all, wellness is a lifelong journey, not something found in a week of hard work.

use a calendar to create new routines

Creating and Sticking to a Routine

When we set goals, whether as part of our New Year’s resolutions or during periods of self-reflection throughout the year, it’s the lasting ones that are the most impactful.

Incorporating a weekly fasting day will be of greater value than a once annually juice fast; having a green smoothie each morning will yield better results than one week of a plant-based diet; running four times each week will offer greater improvements than running one half-marathon with friends.

With goals that involve physical or mental health and wellbeing, the secret is consistency. This means finding goals that you can stick with long-term, and scheduling them into your daily routine. Maybe this looks like 15 minutes of meditation before bed every night, yoga sun salutations in the morning, or bringing a healthy homemade meal for lunch every weekday.

Alarm clock for sleep routine

Supporting Your Routine with a Good Night’s Rest

Mood and energy levels have an undeniable impact on our capacity to achieve goals and stick to new routines. There is one key factor that is a must for a good mood and motivated spirit, and that is getting enough sleep.

Regularly clocking less than seven hours of sleep each night is the nemesis of achieving your goals. When you don’t get enough sleep:

● Studies show mental and physical energy levels can drop
● It’s harder to say no to food cravings
● Increased likeliness to gain weight
● Your mood will suffer (insufficient sleep is tied to anxiety and depression)

Unfortunately, a lot of us struggle with sleep. Stress, light exposure, and over-stimulation are all factors that contribute to difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep.

To improve your relationship with sleep:

1. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it: A regular sleep schedule that you follow seven days a week is important to reset your internal clock. If you cannot stick to the same schedule every day of the week, do your best to only change it by two hours to reduce the risk of insomnia.
2. Try nightly CBD: Add CBD Softgel Capsules to your nightly routine, or rub CBD Soothing Salve into sore muscles to encourage balance and calm.
3. Reduce evening light exposure: Our bodies evolved to sleep during the nighttime. As a result, light tells us whether to be alert or sleepy. Excess blue light exposure from things like screens and fluorescent lights can make it tough to fall asleep at night. Try to limit screen use and use soft, dim lighting for two hours prior to sleep.
4. Relax before bed: A racing mind is an enemy of sleep. Swap activities that make you feel alert with those that calm you. Replace thrilling television or stressful work emails with reading a book or taking a bath.

Using CBD For One-Off Needs

New resolutions push the boundaries of your body and mind. You might find yourself feeling more anxious as your body adapts to eating less sugar, or sore and tired after hitting the gym.

It’s at these times, when you feel out of balance, that you might benefit from an extra dose of CBD.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, a biological system that helps to keep our bodies in homeostasis (aka balance). When you feel like your body could use some extra help regaining balance, try CBD.

Massage CBD lotion into aching muscles or other painful spots. Take a dropper full of CBD oil from Altura’s CBD 600 when you feel your whole body could use some support. Or when you have something coming up that you’re worried about, try CBD softgel capsules to encourage inner balance.

Balance life with daily use of CBD

How Building Habits Can Help

When you incorporate new goals into your daily routine, it will initially take a lot of mental effort to stick with them. But if you adhere to your new routine until the actions become second-nature, you will build healthy habits. Habits are actions that take little-to-no conscious effort. Once you’ve done something enough times, it becomes automatic to do it.

We’ve all experienced good habits and bad habits. Taking a shower right after you get out of bed is a good habit to help you wake up and start your day off right. But stopping by Starbucks for an overly-sugary drink on your way to work is a bad habit.

The key to achieving your goals is to successfully make them habitual. But as anyone who has tried and failed at a New Year’s resolution can tell you, forming a new habit isn’t as easy as just telling yourself it’s happening.

To build lasting habits follow the steps below

1. Create Goals that Excite You

Every person is different in what motivates them, but most of us have a specific reason why we set a goal. When goal planning, find something that ignites a passion inside of you. Think about your “why,” not only your “how.” This could be wanting to beat a personal running record, aiming to improve a new health condition, or desiring to find inner calm. Identify your why and let it motivate you.

2. Establish One or Two New Habits at a Time

While it might be tempting to revamp your entire life at the same time, the reality is that overloading your proverbial plate can make it harder to succeed at any single goal. To avoid burnout, choose one or two goals to establish at one time. Create actions that achieve these goals that you schedule into your daily routine. Once those new habits become second nature, it’s time to add some more.

3. Link Your Goal to an Existing Habit

Tie your new goal to a trigger – something that you’re already doing that will remind you to do what you’ve committed to do. Go to the gym every time you pass it as you drive home from work. Cook a homemade meal right when you get home each day. Drink a glass of water every time you’re hungry. The environmental or physical cues will help your new goal become habitual.

Coffee and Daily use of CBD

Integrating CBD Into Your Daily Habits

To promote inner wellness on your self-improvement journey, pair daily CBD products with your habits. This will help you remember to take CBD regularly. Keep Altura’s CBD Softgels on your kitchen counter next to your coffee maker to remind yourself to take it when you make coffee. Store our CBD Soothing Salve on your nightstand to apply it to your sore muscles and aching shoulders right when you get into bed. By linking habits to your supplement routine, you can encourage wellness inside and out.

Final Thoughts on Building Habits with a Daily Dose CBD

To live healthy, fulfilling lives, we must check in with ourselves and set new wellness goals. Taking a new wellness goal and sticking to it for long enough for it to become habitual can be mentally and physically taxing at first. The use of a daily CBD oil might be just what you need to feel at ease and maintain balance as you make progress towards your goals. And when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or tired, consider using CBD to keep your mind and body aligned with wellness.